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World of EUC Website

Welcome to the World of EUC

Who we are

We are a world of technology specialists, end users, consultants and developers.

We are vendor and platform agnostic.

We are all things EUC.

We are many.

We are community.

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Admin help and support

Whilst we are an open community platform, there are currently 4 admins who can help you with requests and guidance as needed:

Where we came from

There are many great community initiatives out there. Many of these initiatives existed within unique and individual slack channels or private forums. So far we have consolidated the following resources into the world of EUC:

Resource Previous Platform
World of WEM Slack
FSLogix Community Slack
Labrats Slack
Citrix IRC Slack
NetScaler Rocks Slack
EUC Monitoring Slack

Why we are here

Our aim is to provide a central and community based platform to allow like minded individuals across the globe to collaborate with each other.

We also aim to offer an environment for all Vendors, products, solution providers to participate in active communications with end users, in whatever level they feel is appropriate. We have active product managers from select technology providers who are actively involved in these channels.

No tricks, no BS, no politics, no allegiances to anything other than open sharing.

Rules of engagement


We currently operate using the Slack platform. It’s not perfect but it provides a uniformly understood solution that is easy to drive.

We structure our channels in a simple and easy to follow method:

How to get involved

We are not currently sponsored. The platform is funded where required by the community.

If you would like to join, we have a standing open invite link here

If anyone has ideas or contributions they would like to add to this community, we are open. We welcome input and contributions in any way, however our core focus will be one of community and we will keep to that core above anything else. Should you wish to contribute and help in any way, do so knowing that we will not push any particular solution or technology